No enemy fire was registered for the past 24 hours. Despite the additional measures for the enhancement and control of the effective indefinite ceasefire regime accepted by Ukraine, militants of the armed forces of Ukraine are trying to destabilize the situation in some areas. Spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Colonel Eduard Basurin told about it during the briefing in Donetsk on July 31.

“Yesterday, dry grass caught fire in the responsibility zone of the 53rd brigade’s 2nd battalion in the area of Bogdanovka. Because of a sudden change of the wind direction, the fire spread over to positions of the 2nd battalion. Our lookouts saw a massive explosion, presumably it occurred because the ammunition storage site caught fire.

A similar situation happened in the responsibility zone of the 57th brigade’s 17th battalion in the area of Krasnogorovka, where Ukrainian criminals also deliberately set fire to dry grass so the fire could have spread to the western outskirts of Staromikhailovka. Fortunately, the false flag operation was unsuccessful, civilians’ houses are not damaged.

DPR People’s Militia units do not fall for enemy baiting. In the event that the situation escalates, the People’s Militia stands ready to respond adequately to defend the citizens of the Republic, upon issuance of a corresponding order.” Eduard Basurin said.