From September 17 to 19 in the Italian city of Novara there was held a family festival “Wish Tree.” The organizer was the head of the department for international cooperation of the Administration of the Piedmont region, the co-chairman of the DPR Representative Center in Turin Maurizio Marrone with the support of the authorities of the Piedmont region and the organization “Speranza”, the DPR MFA reports.

In the course of festival preparation, the social carpentry workshop “Fadabrav” built a symbolic tree on which were drawings of schoolchildren from the cities of Yasinovataya and Debaltsevo. The children’s creative works, which depict their own perception of a peaceful and happy life, were brought to Italy by volunteers of the Speranza organization.

 “The leading media in Europe are trying to hide the truth about the seven-year war in Donbass, but we tell Italian adults and children what is really happening and what terrible crimes the Ukrainian authorities commit against civilians of the Donetsk People’s Republic. This time we decided to tell the truth with the help of drawings by the smallest DPR residents, who also want peace and normal life. This public event is aimed at calling for an immediate end to the aggression against the Donbass people and help to restore peace through the involvement of the international community,” Maurizio Marrone shared his vision of the situation in Donbass.