The AFU deploy prohibited weapons in localities and their environs — DPR PMD

The armed forces of Ukraine deploy military equipment in residential areas of populated localities in the territory they control. Ukrainian militants are violating the international humanitarian law, thus endangering the lives and health of civilians.

According to the press service of the DPR People’s Militia Directorate, over the past 24 hours, our intelligence tracked the following armaments:

  • 35th separate marine brigade in Zaytsevo: five BMPs near this locality.
  • 79th separate assault airborne brigade: one 120mm mortar in a residential yard in Nevelskoye;
  • The outskirts of Novomikhaylovka: one BMP;
  • Umanskoye: two BMPs in the territory of a separate house;
  • The vicinity of Aleksandropol: a tank.
  • 53rd separate mechanized brigade: one BMP in the outskirts of Bogdanovka;
  • Starognatovka: one BMP in the territory of a separate house;
  • Taramchuk: two BMP-1s near this locality.
  • 54th separate mechanized brigade: one BMP in the territory of a separate house in Verkhnetoretskoye.
  • 36th separate marine brigade: one armored combat vehicle near the village of Lomakino.

When the public was informed that the 35th, 79th, 53rd and 36th brigades of the armed forces of Ukraine deployed their armament near the populated localities, the enemy in the zones of responsibility of those units stepped up the electronic warfare activities against the OSCE video monitoring. For the past 24 hours, two flying squads from of the 306th EW separate battalion and from an EW company were using R-934B and Bukovel-AD stations to jam the flight control of OSCE SMM drones in the vicinity of Dachi, Krasnogorovka, Bogdanovka and Granitnoye.

The Ukrainian side has grossly violated the declared truce, it lasted a little over two days, the DPR People’s Militia reports.

“This morning, the 54th brigade, opened small arms fire at Yakovlevka. It is noteworthy that the shooting was carried out with the use of silencers in order to disable the OSCE SMM from registering this incident as a ceasefire violation.

In addition, the Ukrainian war criminals who gave the order to open fire emphasized clearly that they care nothing for the instructions from their Supreme Commander-in-Chief V. Zelensky.

We demand that the Ukrainian side fulfill its commitments on the enhancement and control of the effective indefinite ceasefire regime, which are agreed and signed by the members of the Contact Group and validated by the corresponding order of the Ukrainian command,” the statement says.

Ukraine refused to approve the list of mine clearance areas in full — JCCC

On July 28, an unscheduled meeting of the working group for security was held via videoconferencing on the initiative of the Ukrainian side, the press service of the DPR Representative Office to the JCCC reports.

The agenda included the implementation of the additional measures signed by the parties to control the effective ceasefire, the use of a coordination mechanism of response to ceasefire violations with the assistance of JCCC in its current composition, the coordination of demining activities, as well as the withdrawal of forces and weapons, but the main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the coordination mechanism.

The representatives of Kiev once again attempted to withdraw from the implementation of the signed agreements for the sake of their own interests and to withdraw from the commitments undertaken. Thus, despite the well-defined clause (e) on the agreed additional measures on the involvement of the JCCC in “its current composition”, Ukraine attempted to interpret this wording differently than it is set out in the signed additional measures.

In turn, the official representatives of the Republics called on their opponents to proceed constructively and act guided by existing realities.

“The coordination mechanism comes in force only if the Ukrainian party and the representatives of the DPR and the LPR to the JCCC cooperate directly, only a prompt and direct cooperation between the parties to the conflict may bring real results. A procedure for the coordination of repair work has already been, as well as a liaison through which ceasefire violations are registered and their cessation is facilitated, but the rapid response is delayed due to the mediation of the OSCE SMM, as the ceasefire requires urgent decision-making and particular action on the ground, especially at night,” Alexey Nikonorov said.

In the near future, the parties will share their written proposals on interaction patterns for further work through the technical support center of the OSCE coordinator.

As for the discussion on the demining activities, Kiev representatives also refused to fully approve the list of 20 proposed mine clearance areas. The stand of the Ukrainian party has changed only with regard to two remaining seven proposals non-agreed with the LPR, so 15 locations have been compromised on, their updated coordinates will be considered at the next scheduled meeting of the working group.

The timing of the meeting was limited, so it was not possible either to discuss the issue of disengagement or to negotiate the draft Supplement to the Framework Decision.

The DPR Foreign Minister commented on the resignation of Leonid Kuchma from the Contact Group

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People’s Republic Natalya Nikonorova made a statement in connection with the resignation of Leonid Kuchma as head of the Ukrainian delegation to the talks in the Minsk format.

“We respect Leonid Kuchma’s decision to resign as head of the Ukrainian delegation. It is very important that he is leaving on a positive note, his last signature is on the letter supporting the additional measures for the enhancement and control of the ceasefire regime. As an experienced executive and diplomat, Leonid Kuchma was one of the few Ukrainian negotiators who demonstrated a constructive approach to the talks. Among other things, his balanced view made it possible to agree on the additional measures. But today, the issue of their implementation is particularly acute, therefore the parties are obliged to show their willingness to cooperate. We hope that Kuchma’s successors will get the right insights from the experience of his work in the Contact Group,” Natalya Nikonorova said.

Ladies from the DPR became winners of the All-Russian pageant Russian Beauty-2020

The winners of the Donbass Beauty pageant, which was conducted by the Young Republic Public Organization, placed high at an All-Russian pageant that was held in Moscow, the press service of the organization reports.

“The girls got basic training from the rehearsals during the finale of the Donbass Beauty pageant, which was held on March 5 in Donetsk. Before the Russian Beauty-2020, the participants had professional photo sessions and interviews with the organizers. Runway walks and rehearsals were conducted on the day of the pageant,” manager of the Donbass Beauty Yulia Bayramova told.

Young Beauty of Donbass Amina Sinitskaya from Khartsyzsk and Beauty of Donbass Darya Zadnepryannaya from Donetsk represented the Donetsk People’s Republic at the beauty festival.

Honorary members of the jury appreciated the girls from Donbass: the title of Young Miss Russia-2020 was given to Amina Sinitskaya, and the title of First Vice-Miss Russian Beauty-2020 to Daria Zadnepryannaya.

Also, Vanessa Frolova, finalist of the Donbass Beauty, took part in the All-Russian pageant and won the title of Best Model-2020.

The next stage for the girls will be a European pageant, where the winners will be able to represent the Donetsk People’s Republic.

DPR PM intelligence reports about AFU EW units being stepped up to jam flight control of OSCE SMM drones

No enemy fire was reported for the past 24 hours, spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Dmitry Astrakhan informed during the briefing on July 28.

However, the Ukrainian command is holding off on complying with the ceasefire requirements agreed upon during the talks in Minsk.

“Since the indefinite ceasefire came into force, our intelligence has been reporting that EW units of the armed forces of Ukraine have stepped up and jam the flight control of OSCE SMM drones in order to disable the special mission from tracking military equipment the AFU deploy in residential areas.

We have traced the operation of EW R-934B and Bukovel-AD stations from a flying squad of the 306th EW separate battalion, who were jamming the flight control of OSCE SMM drones in the vicinity of Naberezhnoye.

In addition, the 36th separate marine brigade deployed two BMPs in the yard of a separate house in Chermalyk, the 54th separate mechanized brigade deployed two MBPs near residential buildings in Avdeyevka,” Dmitry Astrakhan reported.

Ceasefire violations by the armed forces of Ukraine have not been registered — DPR Representative Office to the JCCC

The Representative Office of the Donetsk People’s Republic to the JCCC reports that no ceasefire violations by the AFU have been registered for the past 24 hours

Starting 00:01 27 July 2020, according to the agreement reached by the Contact Group, additional measures for the enhancement and control of the indefinite ceasefire regime, which has been in force since 21 July 2019, have also entered into force.

Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin on his official TG-channel told about the appearance of a fake page under his name on the social network Odnoklassniki. The Head of the Republic specified that various inflammatory appeals are distributed through this page.

“Just a few days ago I informed my subscribers that my old Ukrainian number had been activated, recommended to be vigilant and listed my accounts. Among other social networks, I mentioned Odnoklassniki. Today I found out that my page has a clone, where there is an appeal to the miners calling for strikes under my name,” Denis Pushilin said.

The Head of the DPR also called on the residents not to trust such information and not to spread false messages.

The DPR PMD refutes the statements of the Ukrainian command

Despite the agreements reached at the Tripartite Contact Group talks in Minsk on July 22, the Ukrainian side is trying to break the peace in Donbass in every way, spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate stated on July 27.

“Dissatisfied with Zelensky’s course towards a peaceful settlement of the conflict, the supporters of Poroshenko and the opposition accuse us of made-up attacks after the announcement of the comprehensive truce by involving the media and psychological-warfare forces for publicity.

During today’s briefing, the commander of the so-called Joint Forces Operation claimed that the DPR People’s Militia allegedly launched fire in the very first hour since the start-up of the additional measures for the enhancement and control of the indefinite ceasefire regime, which has been in force since July 21, 2019.

This statement is another misinformation action from the Ukrainian side, aimed at destabilizing the situation.

DPR People’s Militia units strictly comply with the commitments they have undertaken.

We strictly follow the agreements and once again declare that we are for peace in our land!

We call on international monitors and the public to get the military and political leadership of Ukraine to stop carrying out false flag operations and spreading fake information accusing the DPR”, the statement of the DPR PMD’s spokesman reads.

Today, on July 27, during his visit to Gorlovka, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin visited School 22, talked with the staff of the educational establishment and residents of the Kalininsky district, where the school is located, the press service of the DPR Head’s Administration reports.

Denis Pushilin got acquainted with the process of the repair work, inspected the sports ground on the premises of the school.

During his visit to the school, the Head of the Republic noted that we can follow the example of regions of the Russian Federation, where they pay great attention to repair works at educational establishments, and we should look up to this approach.

The school staff inquired about the upgrading of computer hardware and the provision of sports equipment. The Head of State stressed that the problems would be considered at the republic level as they concern not only Gorlovka, but other towns as well.

Then Denis Pushilin talked with local residents. In particular, they were concerned about ceasefire violations by Ukrainian armed forces, the possibility of leaving for Ukraine, reconstruction of houses, etc.

Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Public Utilities Sector Sergey Naumets added that in accordance with the DPR Development Program, 42 million rubles are allocated for thorough overhaul of the housing stock and social facilities in Gorlovka.

“For those facilities that fall under the Program, we need to allocate funds the sooner the better, and for those that are not included in this document, but require urgent repair, we need to look for opportunities to resolve the acute problems before those facilities are registered in the Program for overhaul,” Denis Pushilin summed up.