Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin took part in the Vremya Pokazhet show on the Channel One Russia and answered questions put by the anchor on air on Tuesday, July 13.

One of the burning discussion subjects was the article by Vladimir Putin ”On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians“, in which, among other things, there were raised issues related to Donbass.

“Apparently, and I am becoming more and more convinced of this: Kiev simply does not need Donbass. Why? Because, firstly, the inhabitants of these regions will never accept the order that they have tried and are trying to impose by force, blockade and threats. And secondly, the outcome of both Minsk‑1 and Minsk‑2 which give a real chance to peacefully restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine by coming to an agreement directly with the DPR and LPR with Russia, Germany and France as mediators, contradicts the entire logic of the anti-Russia project. And it can only be sustained by the constant cultivation of the image of an internal and external enemy. And I would add – under the protection and control of the Western powers,” an extract from the article was quoted.

– Good evening, Denis Vladimirovich! You may have already seen the article by Vladimir Putin, and I believe you will find it hard to argue that Kiev does not need Donbass. But then why do they so frequently state their desire to return the allegedly “annexed” territories? – Ruslan Ostashko asked.

– They have to make such statements and will continue to do so because this is the only opportunity to present Russia as ‘aggressor’, to preserve sanctions and to have financial developments in which the current Ukraine has a vested interest. Therefore, that is nothing new. We are living in this paradigm – with the understanding that Ukraine has not needed Donbass for a long time. With the understanding that Ukraine definitely doesn’t need the people of Donbass. Accordingly, we had to build our statehood during the period while Kiev was failing to implement the Minsk agreements. Technically, we continue doing this to this day, the Head of the DPR said.

– Denis Vladimirovich, what have you personally read and understood from this article? What have people of Donbass taken from it? Maybe there is a new hope, because the issue of reviewing the Ukrainian borders probably concerns the residents of Donbass in the first place, the next question was put.

– Revising Ukraine’s borders is a topical issue, and we are extremely pleased that this issue is being raised in this kind of discussion, as a signal for now. But nevertheless, we can see that if the issue of protecting the rights of citizens has been resolved with the DPR and LNR – except for the contact line and shelling – then as for the Russians, Russian speakers living in other territories – I am talking about Kharkov, Odessa, and other regions – there is a big problem with that issue. And we are also puzzled because there live our friends, our relatives, who have no opportunity not only to speak their native language to the full extent, but are now excluded from the indigenous peoples list. Other decisions are also made, in the form of draft laws for now. But we can see the trend that Ukraine is following now, we can see that these discriminatory laws may well be introduced in the very near future. Accordingly, the rights of Russians and Russian speakers will continue to be infringed upon. Are we ready to put up with this? No, we are not. We are very pleased that Russia is still paying quite considerable attention to this, even at such a level – at the presidential level, Denis Pushilin stressed.

– Denis Vladimirovich, are the Republic residents ready to participate in the historical reclamation and to return Ukraine to the borders of 1922, which the President is talking about. To be more precise, to help return Ukraine back to the borders of 1922. Because this is the first time the issue has been raised at such a high level, and I think it may well be followed by certain actions. You are just the first to demonstrate that it is possible, the anchor said.

– In fact, we consider that this would be fair. Well, secondly, we have been demonstrating our intentions – and not just to talk, but to take actions – since 2014, the Head of State concluded.