During his press conference, Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin spoke about the response of international organizations to the conflict in Donbass and their interaction with the republics.

“On 27 July 27 2020, there was signed another indefinite ceasefire, along with the additional measures to comply with the ceasefire. And the situation was relatively calm for a while, although small arms were used every day. This lasted until September, and then Ukraine again began to use heavy weapons, erect fortifications and approach the positions of the DPR People’s Militia,” the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic said.

Denis Pushilin noted that the Ukrainian side had de facto withdrawn from the additional measures, refusing a joint inspection of the positions.

“Since December, we have started registering a large amount of equipment that should not be present there. It continues to arrive from different regions of Ukraine towards Donbass. Since the turn of the year, more than 600 pieces of heavy weaponry have been detected at railway stations and hubs,” Denis Pushilin emphasized.

The Head of the Republic also criticized the work of the OSCE mission.

“The work of the OSCE SMM has changed for the worse. The reports have lost their informativity and cannot be clearly understood by ordinary people. Now everything is reduced to dry wordings that can be interpreted any way you like. In addition, the mission’s mandate does not correspond to the activities they undertake to detect and document violations. For example, they did not even go to the place where the child had died in Aleksandrovskoye.

At this point, Ukraine understands that they can get away with everything, and they step up their activities, which results in civilian deaths and destruction,” Denis Pushilin said.

Speaking about the movements of Russian equipment, the Head of the DPR stressed that Russia holds military exercises every year and is free to decide for itself where to conduct them and where to deploy equipment in its own territory.

“Unfortunately, no one is covering the movement of Ukrainian military equipment. Therefore, we have to prepare for any development of events,” said Denis Pushilin.