Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin spoke about the effectiveness of the Minsk agreements in their current form, responding to a question put by a correspondent of the DPR Official Website during the press conference.

“I have heard a lot of criticism of the Minsk agreements, spent a lot of time in the negotiation process and have been keeping my hand in it to this day, and I know what is going on there [in the negoriation process – ed.]. At a certain time, the Minsk agreements terminated full-scale hostilities. From this angle, this document proved to be an important component in the establishement of the Republic. During the time that Ukraine was not fulfilling the agreements signed, we had the opportunity to build our own statehood and launch the economy. These processes constitute daily and challenging work. We all understand that all of this took quit a time.

Ukraine signed this document to defer the matter, having to intention to implement it. Therefore, now the Ukrainian negotiators are faced with the task of doing nothing and blocking everything.

For our part, we are doing everything that can be done to resolve the conflict in Donbass peacefully and follow the Minsk agreements signed,” Denis Pushilin emphasized.